FreeMan Marketing (FMM) takes a unique stance to give back to our local and regional community – we provide free or discounted work to qualifying non-profit organizations.


From the company’s inception, one of the main goals of FMM was to provide discounted work to NPOs, who provide a service which greatly benefits the local and regional community. We feel that NPO’s who provide services that truly better our community, should have the resources they need to achieve their goals. That’s why we are here to help.

What service do we provide?

We provide services based on the needs of the qualifying NPO; these services include: website design and development, social media design and development, as well as, email marketing design, development and management. The amount of work we provide is dependent on the requests made on the application, and the availability of relevant interns and advisers at FMM. We try to meet all the needs listed on the application; however, in some circumstances this may not be possible – in these instances the services provided are dependent on the skills and qualifications of the available intern(s).

Some of the non-profits that have benefited.

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How do you qualify?

First and foremost the applicant must be a registered non-profit, in the state in which the organization is located (we ask for documentation of 501c status). Then the applicant must go through a qualification process. This qualification process is based on a specific set of questions and factual variables regarding the applicant. Since we cannot offer all registered NPO’s our services, our selection process is dependent on the amount of applicants and project workload at FMM. To assist the most NPO’s as physically possible, we also offer a discounted NPO rate.

How can you get involved?

If you are, or know of an NPO that you feel could qualify for our service, please have them visit our website and view the Non-Profits page. Those interested in applying should send us a message using the form below. If you are a company looking to donate complimentary services to one of our qualifying NPO’s, we’d love to hear from you! Use the form below to tell us about what you can offer.

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Thank you for your interest in letting us serve you!