My passion is to fully utilize my skills, talents, and expertise within a senior-level/executive creative role, to cultivate an efficient, collaborative team, focusing on strategically executed creativity. I am a results-oriented professional, with strong design and technical skills, who understands the focus, passion, and planning that is required to make any initiative successful. I excel in senior/exec-level leadership positions for agencies and teams looking to grow or evolve their creative maturity. Please see my past work history for practical examples.

Current Role

Experience Lead

Contract / Freelance, New York, September 2019 – ?

  • Providing senior-level strategy and execution for human-centered digital design projects.
  • Providing exec-level guidance on how to build and scale creative teams for agencies and teams looking to evolve to a contemporary level experience maturity.
  • If you have any questions about what I’m doing now – specifically – shoot me an email at

Clients / Projects: Facebook, among others.

Past Positions

Senior Vice President of Experience

Hot Paper Lantern, New York, January 2018 – August 2019

  • Among the senior leadership team, I assisted in the formation and establishment of the agency.
  • As a member of the senior leadership team, I provided guidance for strategic direction and growth of the agency, as well as participated in many cultural events, fostering greater inter-team connectivity and community.
  • Led all creative teams for the agency, overseeing and providing leadership to the customer experience, design, development and analytics teams.
  • Provided guidance to cross-functional teams who provided support to creative accounts, such as client service and project management.
  • Led the activation of 12 cross-functional operating models for all disciplines and services provided by the agency.
  • Led most activities related to the development of proposals, scopes, estimates and timelines for creative accounts/projects.
  • Participated in many new business pitches and opportunities, helping facilitate a diversified portfolio of clients. My involvement typically represented our CX, creative, interactive and analytics expertise – my strength is in closing.
  • Evolved team work styles and collaborative connectivity by introducing more contemporary forms of process and workflows for creative, design, development, and project management operations.
  • Led the activation and integration of more efficient forms of technology at the agency, to support ongoing operations toward an asynchronously connected workforce.

Clients / Projects: Facebook, AIG, Barnes, Saint Gobain, EY, NFP, National Holdings, Cysurance, Alio, ProSight and others.

Director of Customer Experience

Peppercomm, New York, July 2016 – December 2017

  • Evolved the approach of how the agency took on creative and interactive work, by introducing and integrating design thinking, agile workflows and methodologies, more defined technology to support project management, more sophisticated uses of analytics and behavioral tracking, and introductory steps toward achieving higher forms of CX maturity.
  • Led the development of a template repository for all agency documents related to new business and creative services, which led to exponential savings in time wasted due to reproduction and searching. Documents such as: proposals, briefs, estimates, timelines, statements of work, process workflows, and deliverable templates.
  • Introduced the agency to more contemporary forms of asynchronous collaboration tools, such as Slack, G-Suite and InVision.
  • Led all customer experience and interactive development teams and activities at the agency.
  • Provided guidance to cross-functional teams, such as design, analytics, project management and client service.
  • Participated in many new business pitches and opportunities, helping facilitate a diversified portfolio of clients. My involvement typically represented our CX, creative, interactive and analytics expertise.

Clients / Projects: Facebook, EY, AIA, AVON39, Chubb, Weight Watchers, Saint Gobain, Wilbur Ellis, Hunterdon Hospital Foundation, Visiting Nurses Association, Corbin, Parabellum, Raymond James, and others.

Senior User Experience Architect

Peppercomm, New York, June 2015 – June 2016

  • Assisted in leading and executing the design, development and implementation of all interactive projects for the agency.
  • Instituted a new form of estimating and scoping for creative projects.
  • Introduced new forms of creative workflows to improve efficiency and productivity of creative projects.
  • Introduced contemporary user experience strategy activities and documentation, such as user personas, journey mapping, user flows, customer profiles and behavior mapping.
  • Introduced and led new forms of workshops for clients across the agency. Implemented process for both discovery and creative workshops for account leads at the agency.
  • Consulted with account leads of comms-only account to present new services and solutions to clients.
  • Participated in many new business pitches and opportunities, helping facilitate a diversified portfolio of clients. My involvement typically represented our design, development and analytics expertise.

Clients / Projects: Bristol Myers Squibb, MINI, EY, Nestlé, Weight Watchers, Saint Gobain, Wilbur Ellis, Corbin, TradingScreen, Mitchell Titus, First Street Capital, Greenwald Doherty, Hands up for Haiti, Julius Blum, Level Solar, Tenth Avenue Holdings, Venor Capital and others.

Creative Director

FreeMan Marketing, St Louis, June 2009 – May 2015

  • Led creative strategy for implementing innovative digital marketing solutions for clients within a variety of industries, ranging from new tech startups, to financial, healthcare and non-profit entities.
  • Provided geo/market-specific creative direction to over 550 projects with approximately 120 clients, ranging from small non-profits to large corporations across the United States and into Canada, Bangladesh, and Australia.
  • Led a team of 6 designers and developers in creating trend-focused, best practice print and digital solutions.
  • Completed market and product diversification initiatives for medium sized companies, resulting in up to 300% revenue growth from the previous fiscal year.
  • Formulated engaging branded messaging and effective visual execution, utilizing expertise in targeted market research, industry best practice, and current market trends.
  • Created a standardized, collaborative design process for all projects which contributed to quicker turnaround times, fewer client changes, and consistently higher project success rates.
  • Participated in Educational Panels and Seminars at the request of local/regional publications and organizations throughout the St Louis Metro and Central Illinois region.

Clients / Projects: MVP Sports Group, Carol Beltran (St Louis Cardinals), Independence Center, FITwave, FITpas, Places for People, Extreme Sandbox, Unlimited Play, NeedFixed, Passavant Area Hospital, Buena Vista Farms, Rammelkamp Bradney, Golf Discount and others.

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