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The Science of Presenting with Confidence

Over the years of presenting countless decks, spanning new business pitches of big ideas to seeking final approval on multichannel marcomms campaigns, I have found a handful of considerations that change presentation delivery from an art to a science. These 5 tips helped my teams and I gain confidence during presentations.

The Realm of Experience

“Experience” can be interpreted in many ways. This article focuses on how brands create experiences for people by activating one or more of the human senses and why each type of experience is just as important as another.

Conducting a CX Audit

Below was my response to an quote request that turned into something more resembling an article. At its foundation, a customer experience (CX) audit should involve an evaluation of the same metrics included in your CX strategy, assuming you have a CX strategy. However, the audit typically runs in reserve,…

Customer Experience Complexity Calls For a New Breed of Measurement

Posted on CMS Wire, May 30, 2019. Customer experience (CX) measurement has been on the edge of an evolutionary tipping point for a few years now. Advancements in technology and accessibility across platforms have created higher levels of connectivity, sophistication, customization and speed. The improvements have revolutionized how a customer’s…

Why it’s Important to Have a Cohesive Mobile Customer Experience

Posted on Marketing Land, April 8, 2019at 2:19 pm, by Caleb Freeman. Here’s why it is important to have a cohesive mobile customer experience The way customers are accessing content is continually changing and brands need to engage with users on their terms. In the hyper-connected world we live in, it’s…

Marketing Wisdom is Literally Everywhere

By Caleb Freeman on, August 25, 2018. I love a good podcast, and is one of the best out there. Put on by the genius folks at InVision, is (surprise!) all about interviewing leaders in the design field. Even so, I’ve found that each episode is packed with…

5 Mobile Collaboration Apps Top Developers Can’t Live Without

Post on, April 15, 2018. It’s no secret that mobile apps are taking over the planet. According to a recent report from comScore, time spent on mobile apps accounts for seven out of every eight minutes of media consumption on mobile devices. But we’re not just using mobile apps to read articles…

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