Creative & Dev Lead

FreeMan Marketing, St Louis, MO
June 2009 - May 2015

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Led a team of 6 designers and developers in creating trend-focused, best practice print and digital solutions.

Led creative strategy for implementing innovative digital marketing solutions for clients within a variety of industries, ranging from new tech startups, to financial, healthcare and non-profit entities.

Provided geo/market-specific creative direction to over 550 projects with approximately 120 clients, ranging from small non-profits to large corporations across the United States and into Canada, Bangladesh, and Australia.

Completed market and product diversification initiatives for medium sized companies, resulting in up to 300% revenue growth from the previous fiscal year.

Formulated engaging branded messaging and effective visual execution, utilizing expertise in targeted market research, industry best practice, and current market trends.

Participated in Educational Panels and Seminars at the request of local/regional publications and organizations throughout the St Louis Metro and Central Illinois region.

Created a standardized, collaborative design process for all projects which contributed to quicker turnaround times, fewer client changes, and consistently higher project success rates.


MVP Sports Group, Carol Beltran (St Louis Cardinals), Independence Center, FITwave, FITpas, Places for People, Extreme Sandbox, Unlimited Play, NeedFixed, Passavant Area Hospital, Buena Vista Farms, Rammelkamp Bradney, Golf Discount and others.

Using data to inspire, test and optimize your creative can increase impact.

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FITpas – St Louis, MO
September 2014 – December 2017