Director of Customer Experience

Peppercomm, New York, NY
July 2016 - December 2017

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Evolved the approach of how the agency took on creative and interactive work, such as:

  • introducing design-thinking to all creative teams,
  • integrating agile workflows and methodologies,
  • utilizing contemporary technology to support project management,
  • leveraging more sophisticated uses of analytics and behavioral tracking, and
  • taking steps toward achieving higher forms of CX maturity through an evolved use of personas, journeys and UX tools.

Introduced the agency to more contemporary forms of asynchronous collaboration tools, such as Slack, G-Suite and InVision.


Led all customer experience and interactive development teams and activities at the agency.

Provided guidance to cross-functional teams, such as design, analytics, project management and client service.


Led the development of a template repository for all agency documents related to new business and creative services, which led to exponential savings in time wasted due to reproduction and searching. Documents such as: proposals, briefs, estimates, timelines, statements of work, process workflows, and deliverable templates.

Business Development

Participated in many new business pitches and opportunities, helping facilitate a diversified portfolio of clients. My involvement typically represented our CX, creative, interactive and analytics expertise.


Facebook, EY, AIA, AVON39, Chubb, Weight Watchers, Saint Gobain, Wilbur Ellis, Hunterdon Hospital Foundation, Visiting Nurses Association, Corbin, Parabellum, Raymond James, and others.

Interest in a more sophisticated CX?

Surprisingly, the most difficult part is making sure the fundamentals are in place. Once the team, technology and ops are in place, steady evolution is much easier. Feel free to reach out with questions –

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Hot Paper Lantern – New York, NY
January 2018 – August 2019

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Senior UX Architect

Peppercomm – New York, NY
June 2015 – June 2016