An interactive app for a retirement campaign.


While working with Peppercomm as Senior UX Architect, Raymond James contracted with the agency for a new marketing campaign. The specifics around the engagement were unique, as we were given no directives on the product to be sold, market(s) to be targeted, or channels for activation. The idea was that we would perform the research and select all the details to be most efficient with the spend – a very sought-after request in the agency world. Of course, the client team had their ideas, but we were charged to prove or disprove their assumptions.

Role: Experience Strategist and Dev Lead

Cartoon from the interactive assessment we activated.


The project kicked off with a robust research phase which included a series of interviews of internal and external stakeholders, a PESTL analysis, a competitive analysis and a content audit of all information related to their products and services.

The result of research, although not all that surprising, pointed toward focusing on Retirement, with an emphasis on planning. The research not only proved the assumptions of the client team but also shed more light on the specific topics of focus.

Creative Workshop

Once the topic had been set, a creative workshop was held to better understand the types of customers and their appetite/aptitude for various types of experiences (digital/non-digital). The outcomes of the workshop, along with the research, revealed a wealth of content and data that was not being used to its full capacity – a tremendous opportunity for a content/data marketing play.

We also learned that although the market for retirement is related to a subject that involves those of an older demographic, the market for starting conversations of planning is a much younger age group – thus, individuals who are more tech savvy and prefer to do research before making contact.

Our next mission was to find a way to combine the wealth of content, with younger audiences, who need help in understanding how to plan – even before making contact with a financial advisor. We opted for an interactive assessment that both educated the user while receiving inputs of data to provide the user a checklist of activities, to help with an easier discussion with a Raymond James financial advisor.

I have run many of these sessions over the years – interested? Let me know!

Campaign Themes

Instead of creating entirely new thematic messaging for this activation, we opted to lean into their existing marketing/comms messaging, “Life well planned.” However, the creative would focus on a more approachable, cartoon-style execution. This approach gave us ample flexibility in how we would create the visual presentation and connect those graphics to animations and interactivity within the assessment. Below is an example of one of the display ads for the campaign.

Outcome & Results

If you haven’t yet, please check out the screencast video higher on the page. The video shows the functionality of the assessment with the animated iconography. All of this was code-driven and performed lightning fast.

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